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Who are our Funky Striders?

Funky Roller

If roller skating is your thing, then you are a “Funky Roller”! You’d rather be skating on the foreshore than running or walking. You are the first person when the sun is out to bust out some fancy footwork when you have your favourite song blasting through your ear buds. You might even be filming your latest ‘TikTok’ while you skate into the sunset.

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Funky Strider

While you might enjoy a run once a year, you’re the type of person who is fond of a slow and steady pace walking around The Tan. You love the company of your two best friends or loved ones on your walk and might even have a coffee in hand while being engrossed in the latest gossip.

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Funky Runner

You own more pairs of running shoes than you own regular shoes. Getting your heart pumping keeps you on your cardio high, but nothing compares to the sweet satisfaction of beating your best personal time. You love a good playlist that helps push you to your limits and you possibly enjoy a selfie afterward with #runnerforlife

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Funky Rider

The Funky Rider goals are mostly personal and health related. Their body is a temple, but they also see cycling as a chance to explore and excel. They are the kind of people who are looking for new personal best each week they cycle into work.

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Funky Barker

You are a fun loving and versatile animal. Either your paw-rents dress you in ridiculous clothes to match their own, or you are scruffy and ungroomed…sometimes you are even both. You enjoy being active but more than that, you enjoy stopping every two minutes to sniff your surroundings marking your territory. You love barking your way to get what you want...like pats and treats.

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Funky Friend

You show your support not by joining in and running, walking, or riding. You show your support by giving money to your loved one who registered to become a funky fundraiser. You believe in the cause and in your friend. You are loved by everyone because they know they can always count on you when they ask for help.