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What is Great Strides?

Great Strides is our annual fundraising fun run event to raise awareness and funding so we can provide support services for people living with cystic fibrosis.  

You can join in as an individual or create your own team to take on this challenge together and help people living with cystic fibrosis breathe a little easier. Everyone is invited to take part, whether you are a corporate team, a school, a community groups or an individual! Ask your colleagues, family and friends to get involved for this great cause.

Is my registration fee tax deductible?

No, your registration fee is not tax deductible as it is an entry fee and not a donation.  

What is included in my registration fee?

Everyone who registers will receive a Registration Kit, a bib, a map of the course with activities and a Participants Medal when you cross the finish line.

Is fundraising compulsory?

Although it is not compulsory, we ask that you fundraise a minimum of $100. Funds raised go toward ensuring we are able to continue providing support to people living with CF. For every $100 you raise, we are able to provide 4 people with access to life saving equipment. 

Are donations tax deductible? 

Yes, all donations are tax deductible, and your donors will receive a tax deductible receipt via email.

How will the funds raised be allocated?

Funds raised from events such as Great Strides enables CFCC to continue the essential support services providing life-giving equipment, support to alleviate the financial burden, provide education engagement as well as increasing health and wellness outcomes for people living with cystic fibrosis.

What is the best way to get started?

Getting started with your fundraising can be a bit scary, but you will be surprised at just how simple it really is.

Here are our top 3 tips for getting yourself moving.

1. Creating and completing your online fundraising page is the easiest and most effective way to kick off your fundraising. Add your photo and your reasons for participating and you already have a great way to show people why they should support you.

2. The first donation is often the hardest, so why not make a personal donation to your fundraising page. That takes the pressure off and shows everyone how committed you are to reaching your goal!  

3. Next, share your fundraising, and ask your network to sponsor you.  A simple and small ask can have an amazing result.

What is matched giving?

70% of companies in Australia offer ‘matching funding’ as part of their employee benefits. This means they support their employees’ charitable efforts by matching their fundraising dollar for dollar. It is a great way to double your fundraising efforts – and all you need to do is ask. Speak to your HR department and ask them for their support.

How do I create a team?

During the registration process you will be given the option to create your own fundraising team.

Under the "Set up your fundraising page" section, select CREATE A NEW TEAM. You will need to come up with a team name, and then you can customise your team fundraising page name, set a fundraising goal and write a custom message to your supporters.

Make sure to share your team name with your friends and family so they can join your team when they register too! 

You can also invite other registrants to join your team by logging into your account and clicking on your fundraising tab. There will be the option to invite members by email.

How do I join a team? 

During the registration process you will be given the option to join an existing fundraising team.

Under the "Set up your fundraising page" section, select JOIN A TEAM. Search for the team you would like to join from the dropdown menu and finish the registration process. Any funds you raise will automatically be applied to the team fundraising page.

Do you have any merchandise? 

Yes, we do have limited merchandise available that can be purchased on our main website.

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